Prairie Spruce Community Takes Shape – in 3D!

There are many dimensions to creating a healthy, vibrant cohousing community. Since inception, Prairie Spruce has focused on the following three broad dimensions:

  1. environmental stewardship and sustainable design;
  2. the enthusiastic sharing of talents and resources; and
  3. the development of personal friendships among community members.

Recently however, Prairie Spruce Commons began thinking about the project’s “dimensions” in a physical, more literal sense. Community members were contemplating a quick and cost-effective way to produce a three-dimensional model of the Prairie Spruce building design. It didn’t take long for someone to mention the word “LEGO”.

New LEGO Architecture Studio KitIn any family with children, Lego building blocks seem to be a staple of the toy box. And it turns out, Lego is not just for kids these days. The Saskatchewan Lego Users Group are adult fans of Lego who work both independently and cooperatively to share a common love of the brick. The Danish toy company Lego has even launched the Lego Architecture Studio – a new monochromatic set of building blocks aimed at the architecture and design community. With the prospect of plentiful building block supplies and the expertise of family and friends, it was decided that Lego was the way to go for the Prairie Spruce 3D model.

Within a few days the 3-D model began to take shape. The brilliant array of colors, the articulation of the architectural features and the attention to small details brought the building to life in a dramatic fashion. Plus the hands-on construction effort, together with movable features such as opening and closing windows and doors added a tactile element to the model. For the first time community members could actually touch their dream.

The positive impact of the model building quickly became apparent when it made its debut at the Regina Farmers Market a few weeks ago. By all accounts it was a real “head turner” and to no one’s surprise, it was a hit with the kids. As an intergenerational community, we fully expect Legos to be part of our cohousing life for years to come. We’ll make sure there is enough Lego to go around, whether you’re an adult or child fan of the brick!