Common House Features – Shared Spaces

Prairie Spruce Commons has more than 3000 square feet of shared common space

Common House (Main Floor)

  •  the common kitchen
  • our large dining room with perimeter bench and storage
  • our lounge/overflow guest room with bathroom  through the kitchen
  • our laundry room with  washer/dryers, a sink, and a folding table
  • our entryway  and our entry hall with a wooden bench and wall space for mailboxes and community postings
  • our guest room with bedroom and bathroom.
  • the elevator and stairways which provide access to the rest of the building

The Common House  dining room on the main floor is where we hold our occasional common meals. The cooks working on that meal  prepare the food in the common kitchen, or in their own unit. Depending on the cook’s decision the meal is either served “family style” with food delivered to each table or banquet style with food served from a central location.

In addition to meals, this is where we celebrate, have house concerts, watch Rider games, watch movies and hold meetings, etc. Through the dining room doors, you enter out onto our outdoor patio with its barbecue and sitting area. On warm summer days, this can be an alternative kitchen for the dining room 

Laundry Room

We  placed our common laundry facility near the common kitchen so those doing laundry can join into the life of the common house, if they want, while the machines do the work.  Having a common laundry allows the use of 2 washers and dryers at a time instead of needing 21 machines. Units with more than one bedroom are plumbed and wired for washer and dryer. It is at the discretion of the unit owner to decide if they want to purchase and install a washer and dryer



Guest Room

The guest rooms are our ‘spare bedrooms’.  The guest rooms are booked by community members when they have a guest coming to visit.  There is one full-time guest room and one room which is normally our lounge but which becomes a second guest room as needed. The guest rooms are also made available to visitors from other cohousing communities on a reciprocal basis. This means community members are welcomed at cohousing communities throughout North America and internationally.



The final area is the entryway, entry-hall, and elevator. The entryway allows entry into the building without cold/hot air entering beyond the entryway. This is where visitors and service people enter the building. The entry-hall has mailboxes, and cubbies used for communication within the community.  The elevator is at the end of the entry hall. It will take you down half a floor to the parkade level and a whole-level down to the mechanical room. It will also take you up half a floor to the 1st floor, then up another floor to the 2nd floor and up another to the 3rd floor.  The elevator has doors both front and back allowing it to work on half floors. Like the elevator, the stairway takes you to all levels.

Common House (Parkade Level)

The 800 square foot workshop is a space to do woodwork and assorted other skills. This will be where the community might build garden planters, assorted finishing carpentry, and other woodworking projects. The area will be filled with machinery and supplies and provide space for current projects. Currently, we have a table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, drill press, lathe, and radial arm saw.

There is a covered entrance to the underground parking. There are 19 underground parking spaces (and 2 covered parking spaces outside). Entry from the parkade is via the elevator or through the stairways.

The parking garage is also a place for storage of fire-resistant materials which can be stored in front of the cars. There is area for some bike parking and this is where the bike share might be set up. These are bikes owned by the community and available for members and visitors to use.

Common House (2nd Floor)


Gathering node adjacent to 2nd floor terrace

The second-floor terrace provides great views of Wascana Park. This is an area for sitting and visiting with a beverage in hand.  This is also where we have great views of July 1st fireworks displays. The gathering node is a comfortable space for sitting, visiting, reading, or watching the sunset.

Common House (3rdFloor)

The third floor balcony and the gathering node inside is a space for quiet contemplation and yoga. The terrace provides a quiet oasis.

Common House (Outdoors and Gardens)

This diagram shows the building and its relation to the site. There is space for a garden at the SW corner (upper left of drawing). Also at the SE (lower left of drawing) is the covered parking for micro penthouses and an additional parking space for visitors.

The  garden, perennials, trees and shrubs, including fruit bearing trees, were  planted in the spring of 2020.

Not shown here are the maintenance rooms on each of the three floors. These are for storage of brooms, vacuums, spare light bulbs, etc.

The final room, which is located at the end of the 1st-floor hallway is the data room.  This small room is the central hub of our internet system.