Inside – Work & Play

A mosaic might be a good representation of the patterns of life in any day at Prairie Spruce Commons. Here are some of the colours in that mosaic: the third-floor neighbours sharing herbs from their hydroponic garden; the IT guy updating the server in the data closet; community members checking the glycol mix for the in-floor heating; the artist creating a mosaic in the workshop; individuals who signed up for our first annual fall cleaning wiping down surfaces; neighbours having a physically distanced coffee break in the common house dining room; classical music wafting down the hall from the pianist playing in the common house; people making arrangements for a trombone player to perform outdoors; and of course there is also the work and play that happens in each individual home.

There are many more colours and shapes in this mosaic, but we hope this gives you a feeling for the work and play inside Prairie Spruce Commons.