There Are Still Good People Out There

You don’t always appreciate the community that surrounds you until something happens…
My 84-year-old father was in the hospital from December 2 to January 31. During that time, my  78-year-old mother was living alone on the family farm. My parents have been married for over 50 years and have rarely been apart. Living two hours away, I was concerned for her mental and physical wellbeing.
I should have known everything would be alright. My parents live half a mile away from the farm that my grandparents homesteaded in 1918. Everyone in the area looks after one another. Lorne, the neighbour, who lives a mile away, has been plowing my parent’s yard all winter. He has driven past the farm everyday since my father was admitted to hospital. He knew if the garage doors were open, my mother was in town visiting my father, and that everything was OK. It wasn’t until I began to write this blog that I realized that Lorne made a special trip every day past my parents house. His route to town is in the opposite direction.
When my father was finally released, Lorne picked him up at the hospital and drove him home. He made sure dad made it up the three steps into the house. When I tried to thank him for all his help, he just gave me a quick hug and said, “There are still good people out there.”
This is what I miss about small town life, and also what I dream of having in cohousing. I don’t want someone to look after me; I want someone to look out for me. Based on our core values of being respectful, caring and sharing, I know that Prairie Spruce will provide me with the community my parents have and the community I’m yearning for.