Field Notes from the Farmer's Market


Early morning, clear skies, soft breeze, and the smell of sweet onions wafting from the Hutterite’s vegetable stand over to our side. People walk/wheeling slowly as they carefully consider, anticipate and line up to buy the first gifts of the gardens.

Me and the men haul out our booth from the back of Murray’s truck and set it up. It’s not hard but it takes a few people working together to do it.  Once it is up and looking good we sit and visit. Cohousers always seem to have lots to talk about.

A continuous Prairie Spruce Commons presence at the Farmers Market is one of our cornerstones marketing strategies this summer.

Mornings at the Market pass easily, peacefully and happily as people come by one by one or in throngs …. You never know!

This summer I am reading So Far From Home by Margaret Wheatley.  It is an excellent and challenging read about how we can accomplish our work, sustain our relationships, and willingly move forward to serve in this troubled time.  She writes: ‘in this universe relationships are all there is, the fundamental prerequisite for anything to manifest’.

The Farmer’s Market is all about relationships including humans with each other, Earth and food.

It is all about relationship, even marketing!