Field Notes from the Regina Folk Fest

There, on one of those short lawn chairs, squished between my friends on a clear and damp August prairie night and listening to good music with thousands, it was easy to love the culture of the Regina Folk Festival. Enjoying tasty local food, visiting, laughing, hoolahooping and sharing stories of the great storm from the night before… Even encountering a pod of crocheters looping long adorations to be placed in praise and protection of trees. It’s all part of the Folk Fest culture.

The more I think about the tapestry of culture (in families, workplaces, movements, bio-regions, community-based organizations), the more I think that creating culture is about what we value, and are committed to.  It’s about how we make decisions, and do things. It’s about how we negotiate, transact, adjust and apply all of that every day. We, Prairie Spruce Commons Co-Housers, are designing our house, creating community, and building our culture all at once.  The Prairie Spruce culture is being lived out through everyday experiences of being respectful, caring and sharing. This summer, fun has also been part of our culture, whether it’s been at  our booth at the Farmer’s Market, sitting around the fire on a gorgeous summer evening, or researching Fruit Crumble recipe’s for our Lets Get Ready to Crumble event next Tuesday August 19th.  

I feel lucky to have this chance to be part of, not only designing and building Prairie Spruce Commons, but also learning about creating culture from events like the Regina Folk Festival, other cohousing projects, and other community-based organizations.

Thanks to each and all of my Prairie Spruce community who ran the Prairie Spruce Commons Info and Visiting Booth at the Folk Festival. I hear it was a blast! Acknowledgement, praise and noticing where energies are placed is an important part of community and culture building too!