Life in Commons

Commons /kämənz/: [noun] – land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.

Now I really get it! Prairie Spruce Commons! I have been looking at the promotional packages for other condominium buildings in Regina and see that their suites are comparable to what Prairie Spruce Commons is offering. But outside the door of those suites, where are the Commons? Where are the shared spaces that help to create community and culture? It would be like living in Regina without Wascana Park! Not something I want to imagine.

But I do enjoy imagining my life in the commons at Prairie Spruce Commons. I mentally go through the list of vistas, in all the directions afforded to me from all the commons. I could go to the commons dining room on the main floor, or the terraces on the second and third floor and see what is happening in the western sky. I could also go to the sewing room/arts room on the third floor, or the lounge on the first floor to see the north sky. I could check out the view from the two guest rooms. Or perhaps the view into our courtyard, garden and play structure from the commons kitchen. I could look upon the cool hobbyist projects in the workshop with all those power tools that I love. I imagine enjoying the use of our media/music room, our bike share space, our exercise room… These will all be part of the commons at Prairie Spruce Commons.

Beyond our amazing shared amenities, there is the commons within and beyond the building: that precious commons of air, water and people. Residents eager to install solar voltaic panels and invest in sustainable and efficient design. Innovators willing to investigate the use of grey water recycling in Regina. Neighbours seeking to reduce overall energy consumption and lighten their footprint through resource sharing.

What a joy it will be to live in a community that celebrates the generosity of the commons.