Cat Like

Monty the Cat

I am a bit like a cat: I love to follow the sun, only I usually have a book with me. I imagine my book and I wandering through Prairie Spruce Commons from cozy seating area to cozy seating area, warming in the sun beside the walls of windows that exceed standard building energy requirements (actually meeting LEED Gold certifiable standards).

There is much to learn from cats. I lived with a cat for five years and loved that cat, but I developed allergies to them. I am now working with my naturopath to build my immune system so cats and I can cohabit. I expect this will also help me with my slight allergies to some dogs. I have not needed to do this particular immune strengthening until now – but I want to learn from the dogs and cats who will be my neighbours in Prairie Spruce Commons and this will be a lot easier if I am not wheezing. I already know and like their people who are working together to create both the community and the building of Prairie Spruce Commons. Prairie Spruce Commons will have 27 units and 13 of them are already reserved. This leaves 14 units – perhaps one is calling to you? If you have a cat or dog you might want to check with them as to what they are sensing is in their future.