Information Centre to Open Soon!

December 19, 2014 was another big step forward in bringing our cohousing project to Regina. Before dawn that day, the portable office we will use for our information centre arrived at the site! In about an hour the crew had the portable office unloaded and leveled.Prairie-Spruce-Information-Center-2014-12-19-e1420838338444-400x284

A couple of days after the arrival of the office, several members of our community met at the info centre to drop off furniture with which to warmly furnish the information centre. It was soon arranged to be a welcoming place to come have a tea and chat about the project when we open.

We have been patiently waiting for the power to be hooked up to the information centre so that we can have heat and light for our visitors. We expect this to happen in the next few days. As soon as power is provided, the information centre will be opening on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You can also request a special appointment by phoning (306)586-1363.

In the meantime and as caring members of the neighbourhood, we have been keeping the sidewalk clear of snow for the entire block in front of the information centre on Badham Boulevard. This will allow our future neighbours in the area to be able to walk on the sidewalk and enjoy the wonderful amenities in the neighbourhood easily and without fear of falling.

We’ll be sure to update our webpage as soon as we officially open. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!


The Badham Broom Dance

The Badham Broom Dance. Cleaning up Badham.
The Badham Broom Dance. Cleaning up Badham Boulevard.

Prairie Spruce members enjoy working together.  “Many hands make light work” is a common refrain in our circle. Last weekend, Prairie Spruce members gathered on Badham Boulevard to prepare the Prairie Spruce site for a sales trailer that will be moved  in the near future. The result was the Badham Broom Dance, and a cleaner Boulevard.

Before beginning the work, Murray climbed into the back of his half ton and announced that everyone would be sweeping in time to the “broom dance”.  The others had not heard of the broom dance and most were eager to learn. Murray encouraged the friendly witch, Ruth, and Rebekah to participate, but they smiled politely and continued their walk about.  When Murray began teaching the others the broom dance, he could tell Joanne had nature talent.  Soon Murray and Joanne were twirling and sweeping in perfect time. Dave and Warren required addition guidance and instruction. It was clear their hearts were in it, but they simply could not keep in step. It is amazing what we can learn and what can be accomplished by a small group people working together!


Caring Gesture from Caring Neighbours

Our group of future Prairie Spruce residents is all about creating community, whether it’s inside or outside our walls.

Last week, we decided to do a little something for our future neighbours across the street on Badham Boulevard: a flash mob clean up. We turned more than a few heads as we descended onto our new home (to be) with rakes, shovels, and a very interesting looking grass whip.

In short order we had weeds pulled, dirt shoveled and garbage picked up. It’s amazing what we can pull off by working together!

Check out this awesome video we put together. I think it shows our true colors!

Creating Community: Prairie Spruce Commons Badham Boulevard Cleanup from Prairie Spruce Cohousing on Vimeo.


Welcome Home JoAnne

JoAnne is the newest community member to join our family and future residents group. We asked her why she felt that Prairie Spruce Cohousing was right for her, and this is what she shared with us.

One thing that struck me when I was contemplating joining Prairie Spruce Commons is that the best times of my life have been when I have been immersed in a community. I grew up in a remote area of the Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan and our sharing and caring with our neighbours was not only a survival mechanism, but also a way of life. No one was financially rich, as farming was a hard way to make a living in those hills, but we had enough and were rich in happiness with family and neighbours.

Later, after I was married, we lived in a small community for 12 years. I was so immersed in the community that it was hard to leave the many deep friendships.  A lesson learned was that if you want to live in a vibrant thriving community, you have to be contributing and participating for that to happen.  Another community that I got involved with was the Whitmore Park United Church and after several years we moved away to be closer to my daughter’s school. My daughters and I missed the caring and loving group that was ‘the village’ for my girls to grow up in.

Now I realize that my community is my work colleagues and my company, something that we know we strategically and consciously work on in order to succeed.  Prairie Spruce Commons is community. The idea of co-housing and a close-knit community are something that I know is for me.