Three Generations Under One Cohousing Roof


Prairie Spruce is a multigenerational cohousing community.  This usually means that the community of residents as a whole consists of children, adults and seniors. At Prairie Spruce, multigenerational cohousing takes on a somewhat unique flavour, albeit common within cohousing communities: we have different generations of the same family moving into their own private condo units within the community. Roger will be living there as well as his parents Dave and Lill. Murray is moving in, along with his sister Lois and mother, Loraine.

My family is the only one that will have three generations living in Prairie Spruce. Henning, my husband, and I will be moving in with our son, Erik. Henning’s parents, Eva and Knud, will be moving in also. Before you think I am just the best daughter-in-law in the world, you should know three things. First, I am very lucky that I get along very well with my in-laws. They are very nice people. Second, they will be living on the first floor and we will be living on the second floor. Third, they will be looking after my dog part time as he likes to be outside in the summer and they just happen to have a terrace. We are all looking forward to the benefits of living separately within the same condo; living apart, together.

The three Mortensen generations spent some time last Monday morning working together at the Information Centre, roto-tilling the ground in preparation for planting potatoes and zucchini. We’re looking forward to sharing the fruits (vegetables?) of our labour with the community, neighbours and our extended cohousing family.


No Woman is an Island

No woman is an island entire of itself; every woman is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less (with thanks to John Donne)

November 2013 we three women; Ruth, Brenda, and Rebekah, realized it was soon going to be time to move from our beautiful home on Rae Street. We were facing another winter and we had out grown our desire to keep our ramp and parking pad clear of snow on a daily basis. We began looking at condo options with underground parking and we were not thrilled by what the future seemed to hold for us. Then we found Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing.

It was almost impossible to believe: a community of dedicated, fun loving people who had been working for several years to manifest a multigenerational cohousing community in Regina. By January 2014 we were Equity Members and by March, thanks to the genius of Chris Kailing of Pattison MGM, we had a unit (109) that was designed to meet our very particular accessibility needs. 109 is a gorgeous unit in a stunning building full of light and colour and community.

September 1, 2014 Rebekah became suddenly and seriously ill. Since then we have been practically living at the Intensive Care Unit at the Regina General Hospital. In this time that has been so full of worry we have been surrounded by the love and support of our wonderful community which now includes the community of Prairie Spruce Commons. It comforts me to contemplate living into our life in Unit 109, to imagine Rebekah being strong and healthy again, and to dream of her laughter filling the common house.