Journey to the Heart of Community this Sunday

Members of Prairie Spruce are deliberately creating a sense of place where neighbours will watch out for each other’s safety and wellness.  Being well connected to a supportive and caring group of neighbours is healthier and promotes wellness at all ages. 

Journey to the Heart of Community is an informal information sharing event being held at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre on Sunday, November 9, from 1 to 5 p.m. Please use the link above to share with your friends who might be interested in this community or to RSVP yourself. 

We warmly invite you to take this opportunity to stop by and investigate this vibrant community in the heart of Regina.  Prairie Spruce Commons has a selection of unit designs to choose from, along with extensive amenities on site. Learn about the LEED Gold certifiable sustainability design features, and enjoy coffee and conversation with members and friends of Prairie Spruce.  


Would You Like Some Apple Pie With That?

Apple Pie Means Community to Prairie Spruce Cohousing
Photo courtesy of bcveen on Flickr

Nothing says community like home baked apple pie. That’s why we’re serving apple pie (and ice cream) at our next Community Building Event and Info Session on October 1 at the George Bothwell Library. We want to show all you folks out there what Prairie Spruce is all about. We’d also love to brainstorm ideas with you about how we can effectively get the word out about our awesome community.

Why are you going to want to be a part of Prairie Spruce?

  • The building will designed and built with some of the newest innovations in building technology including:
    • In-floor cooling and heating
    • Solar power ready
    • Grey water ready
    • Several rooftop gardens
  • The location is second to none, within walking distance of parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and down town.
  • The shared living space gives you the community feel of a friendly neighbourhood, while your individual condo gives you the privacy you want.
  • Lastly we think our people are the best part about Prairie Spruce. Community is something we all strongly believe in and think we should surround ourselves with people we know, like and trust.

If you do wish to come meet a bunch of likeminded individuals who care deeply about our community contact us here and let us know that you’ll be enjoying some apple pie with us on Wednesday. We always like making new friends!