Farewell Dust Bunnies!

dust-bunny-x After August 2016 dust bunnies will be a thing of the past.  Or if not completely the past, at least they won’t show up on a daily basis! Our future holds Prairie Spruce Commons with in-floor hydronic heating and cooling!

We currently live in a house with forced air heating. We have our furnace and duct works cleaned annually, and we have one of those lifetime carbon air filters on the furnace. I clean the filter, as directed, on a regular basis, and still THEY come. Dust bunnies! I grew up in a home with hot water radiant heating. We had dust – after all there were five kids, and we tore around a lot – but we did not have daily dust bunnies.

Here are the Top 7 benefits of In-floor Hydronic Heating and cooling:

  • gives an even heat;
  • is more energy efficient;
  • contributes to healthier air;
  • reduces allergens;
  • is absolutely silent;
  • doesn’t dry the air; and best of all
  • does not produce dust bunnies! 

So don’t take it personally dust bunnies, but you and I are going to be parting company.

Brenda MacLauchlan