Christmases Past, Present and Future

Christmas at Lancaster Cohousing

When I was a little girl, Christmas was amazing. We would go to town and drive around and look at the Christmas lights. We would stop at our friend’s house for snacks, and then go to the church Christmas program. The highlight of the evening was a big meal at my grandmother’s house. All my cousins would be there. There were so many people that we ate sitting on the stairs. It was magical.

My cousins have grown up, got married, and moved away. The only time I see them is at weddings and funerals. Christmas is quieter now. It is still wonderful – Christmas service at the church, a beautiful meal, singing and dancing around the tree. (Yeah we really do that.) There were only 7 of us for Christmas this year and it seemed a bit lonely.

What will Christmas in cohousing be like? I haven’t talked to anyone yet but I imagine a quiet morning with my family. Then games in the afternoon in the common house – everything from Scrabble to Hamsterolle to Euchre. The day would finish with a big potluck supper with everyone’s favorites – turkey, roast pork, mushroom stew, salmon and a lot of things I haven’t even heard of yet.

What do you think Christmas will be like in cohousing? How would you make the holidays special at Prairie Spruce Commons?