Are you looking for a home and a community? Cohousing could be your answer. Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing, Regina’s first cohousing community, began construction at 1625 Badham Boulevard, June 16th 2017. We are currently welcoming new members and pre-selling units.

What is cohousing?

Cohousing is a lifestyle that provides the perfect combination of privacy and community. It is a creative way for people to have beautiful private units and shared common space. It is a neighborhood in a unique green building and healthy environment.

An Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Condominium in Regina?
At Prairie Spruce Commons we believe in building environmentally and socially sustainable condominiums in Regina. Environmentally, this starts with the
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Field Notes from the Farmer's Market
  Early morning, clear skies, soft breeze, and the smell of sweet onions wafting from the Hutterite’s vegetable stand over
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Prairie Spruce on the Radio
In case you missed our segment on 91.3 FM CJTR last week, here’s the link to the recorded podcast. Special
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A Little Give and Take
Prairie Spruce Commons met this weekend with a daunting task. We found the unit prices that we were getting to
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Consensus Decision Making
I have chaired many committees and have lots of experience with Robert’s Rules of Order. When I first heard about
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Bike Sharing at Cohousing Community
It is a gorgeous spring day (soon) and you feel like taking a bike ride around the lake. There is
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Creating Community Lines
Look for the lines; look for the lines on the landscape, and where those lines intersect, that is the heart of your
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On the eve of a momentous decision
It is an exciting time here at Prairie Spruce.  We  are awaiting the presentation of the results of our  schematic
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Looper Cocktails at PSC
Tonight PSC had it’s first (of many we hope) Looper cocktail party. At a Looper cocktail party each person brings
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