Are you looking for a home and a community? Cohousing could be your answer. Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing, Regina’s first cohousing community, began construction at 1625 Badham Boulevard, June 16th 2017. We are currently welcoming new members and pre-selling units.

What is cohousing?

Cohousing is a lifestyle that provides the perfect combination of privacy and community. It is a creative way for people to have beautiful private units and shared common space. It is a neighborhood in a unique green building and healthy environment.

12+ Years of Profit from the Sun
When I was young I loved the sun. It gave me summers to ride my bike and an excuse for
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No Woman is an Island
No woman is an island entire of itself; every woman is a piece of the continent, a part of the
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Cohousers Find a Home Away from Home
A very nice thing about cohousing is that when you travel you can always find a place that feels like
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Prairie Spruce: A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name
In today’s common suburbanism, it’s far too easy to live an anonymous, solitary life. Get in your car, open the garage door,
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Waking Up to the Possibilities
It is amazing how much I don’t notice in my surroundings. I have been to Nature’s Best Market hundreds of
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Life Beside a Child
When was the last time you had fun with wooden eggs, felt carrots, and a cloth bag? I love the
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Life Beyond Bigfoot
Prairie Spruce Commons is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Part of this commitment includes designing our building to use
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Walking the Neighbourhood – Wascana Park
When I was walking around Wascana Lake this morning, it occurred to me that we do not have to go
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