We’re Back…

My favorite lighting fixture. Luckily, each household gets to pick their own fixtures!

You probably haven’t heard a lot about us lately. We have been devoting our energy to behind the scenes work. With the help of our developer and architect, we right-sized the project. This means we were feeling a bit like Goldilocks. We went from twenty-seven units (too big) to eighteen units (too small) to twenty-one units (just right). We did some redesign to create more multi-use spaces. It is now time to work out some of the final details. I spent a very cool afternoon at Richardsons Lighting looking at options – who knew there were so many different fixtures.

Now we are waiting on the final construction diagrams from the architect. Once those are approved by the city, shovels should be in the ground by July. As we wait for the paperwork to be approved, we will update you on the progress as well as what we’ve been up to for the last while.



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