Thirty-Five Pounds of Potatoes, Family and Friends

What can you make from 35 pounds of potatoes, 12 pounds of onions, 8 pounds of bacon and 7 cohousers? – Happiness, community and a lot of perogies!


Prairie-Spruce-Perogies-Assembly-Team-400x284Growing up on a farm outside Yorkton, it was hard not to become Ukrainian by association. When most of the neighbours were Ukrainian, and half the family married Ukrainians, it didn’t take too long to learn how to cook some amazing ethnic dishes.

I have fond memories of making perogies with my mother and grandmother and being amazed at how perfect grandma’s perogies were. They were all the same size and were perfect half moons. The ones I made usually looked like a blob or a skinny chicken. The very best times were getting together with all the neighbour ladies to make perogies for someone’s wedding. There would be 15 or 20 women in the kitchen rolling dough, pinching perogies, cooking perogies and onions. Much advice would be shared with the bride and many stories would be told about married life.

Perogie Murray
Murray cutting dough.

I am looking forward to moving into cohousing and finding my home community again. We had a trial run last Saturday when together with Eva and Knud, Murray and Lois, and Henning, Erik and I we neatly folded and pinched enough perogies to use up the 55 lbs of filling that we had made. Combined with much conversation and laughter we worked together as a well-oiled machine. We broke for lunch and sampled the fresh perogies we had just made, sautéed in cream with onions, and accompanied by Ukrainian garlic sausage. They were fabulous. After lunch we worked for a couple hours more to finish off the second half of the filling. We ended with a cup of tea and the good feeling of a job well done.

We have a process and it has over time morphed and been optimized for a given number of people. As we move into cohousing, this process will be expanded and changed to accommodate greater numbers, but we are sure that the camaraderie and the laughter will always be a part of our little perogies productions.