Vision & Values

Mission & Vision

Prairie Spruce Commons is a cohousing community in an apartment-style condominium intentionally designed to use resources wisely and to encourage cooperation as well as friendly interaction among residents and neighbours, individuals and families. This inclusive, safe and authentic community is one that respects, shares & cares.

Community members with ‘symbolic keys’ after a process for selecting units.

How Cohousing Works

Cohousing communities are typically designed, managed and maintained by its residents using consensus-based decision-making.

Cohousing communities are places where people work together to enrich their lives and improve their environment. Bringing people close together can make it easier to share resources and be a place where individual skills are shared and valued. The cohousing model recognizes that respecting the needs of introverts and extroverts can help support community life.

Participation Is Key

Membership in Prairie Spruce Commons is by household and each household participates in the ongoing life of the community. Each household is asked to attend general meetings and contribute to committee work. Other involvement can take on many forms, allowing for individual talents and preferences to shine.

Consensus Decision-Making

Consensus is different from most other kinds of decision-making because it encourages group members to work together and collaboratively develop solutions to common questions. Since the goal is group unity and the common good, rather than winning a majority of votes, every member is important. The community as a result tries to listen to and respond to each person’s needs and opinions.

As a community, we recognize that the consensus process requires commitment and patience, but we believe that the resulting decisions are better, more effective and, in the long term more time efficient. A true consensus decision reflects the concerns and creativity of all the members of the group and the process of uniting these generates the solution that best responds to the needs of that group.

One of the reasons that Cohousing is important to me is because it offers compelling possibilities for living in ways that day-by-day respect Earth and one another. – Ruth Blaser