The Badham Broom Dance

The Badham Broom Dance. Cleaning up Badham.
The Badham Broom Dance. Cleaning up Badham Boulevard.

Prairie Spruce members enjoy working together.  “Many hands make light work” is a common refrain in our circle. Last weekend, Prairie Spruce members gathered on Badham Boulevard to prepare the Prairie Spruce site for a sales trailer that will be moved  in the near future. The result was the Badham Broom Dance, and a cleaner Boulevard.

Before beginning the work, Murray climbed into the back of his half ton and announced that everyone would be sweeping in time to the “broom dance”.  The others had not heard of the broom dance and most were eager to learn. Murray encouraged the friendly witch, Ruth, and Rebekah to participate, but they smiled politely and continued their walk about.  When Murray began teaching the others the broom dance, he could tell Joanne had nature talent.  Soon Murray and Joanne were twirling and sweeping in perfect time. Dave and Warren required addition guidance and instruction. It was clear their hearts were in it, but they simply could not keep in step. It is amazing what we can learn and what can be accomplished by a small group people working together!