Thanks Giving for Good Neighbours

Thanksgivings weekend, the weather is beautiful and I have a lot to be thankful for: family, Bekah’s returning health, this beautiful and generous planet – for starters. But this weekend I was also thankful for friends in community…

It goes like this.  Last week I learned that the City of Regina has a Leaf-Yard-Waste Program. It’s all very simple in principle: get some big biodegradable brown paper garden bags (we got ours at the Co-op); stuff them full of all the leaves and grass and plants you are cleaning up as you put your garden to bed for the winter; haul it to one of the depots in various neighbourhoods. From there, it gets hauled to a farm and turned into soil.

While the leaf and yard waste depot is just three blocks from home, I knew I needed a truck to get the stuff there. Being a farm girl I have had truck envy for a very long time. But hey! Murray, one of our Prairie Spruce Commons neighbours, has a truck and he was willing to help us. How lucky is that!?

A couple of days ago I was cleaning up in a long neglected corner downstairs.  I hauled out Brenda’s old canner and told her it was going.  She didn’t take to my idea at first but then she brightened up and said: “Well we’re moving to Prairie Spruce Commons and I bet Joanne (another farm girl) will have a canner!”

See in cohousing, people help each other out and we are willing to share stuff, including trucks. And hopefully canners too!


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