Snow Shovelling on Badham

The Shoveler

Last weekend, one of our Prairie Spruce members mentioned that there was snow and snow pack on the sidewalk on the south side of Badham Boulevard. This was making it difficult for people to walk on the sidewalk in the area. We put out a call to the Prairie Spruce community and three ambitious souls showed up with shovels and ice picks to do the job on Sunday December 13th. We shovelled the whole length of the sidewalk where there are no buildings at the present time. Once again we proved that many hands make light work. Thanks to community members Faye and Jean, we started at about 2:00 pm and were done and in the Naked Bean for a tea by 2:40.

As I look out the window there is light snow falling again. Oddly, I’m already thinking about my next peppermint tea at the Naked Bean.

We’re currently planning on having our Prairie Spruce Sales Centre at our site on Badham Boulevard opening in early January. We look forward to greeting you there very soon. We’ll be sure to have the sidewalks cleared so you can stop by and say hello. Of course, if you’d like to help us with the shovelling, we won’t turn you away!


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