Location & Community Identity

A short walk down a red clay road to beautiful white sand beaches, on the doorstep of a National Park, surrounded by three winter skating ponds and cross country ski trails, and it is home. Or at least it was home, my childhood home on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.  I loved it and still do, but as an adult I discovered I had envy of some of the communities further down the shore from home: the French community of Rustico, the Acadian community of Evangeline, the Celtic community of Bothwell. In addition to their stunning natural beauty, they had (and still have) fabulous music cultures, kitchen parties and cèilidhs.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the answer to my community envy could be found in Regina, Saskatchewan. There is not a white sand beach nearby (at least not one that meets my standards) but on the evening of Wednesday October 22, I had the delight of being in exactly the right location for a kitchen party. That evening. Prairie Spruce Commons hosted their ‘Sharing for the Future’ Concert at The Club on 8th Avenue. It was a wonderful event with lots of Prairie Spruce Commons friends and new-to-me friends sharing food and the pleasure of a `kitchen party` with Glenn Sutter, the River Time Band, B.D. Willoughby, Jim and Thomas Wright, and their musician friends. I love that it was an all ages affair, with many gathered together for fun. 

The old adage “location, location, location” is not only about your physical neighbourhood; it’s also about your cultural and community neighbourhood. Although our address on Badham Boulevard is pretty hard to beat for a location in Regina, I’m excited by the way Prairie Spruce is already building a cultural and community neighbourhood identity. Community events like the Sharing for the Future Concert or the special public screening of the fantastic “The Happy Movie” on November 16th showcase our intent to foster community and culture, while enhancing our “location, location, location” at Prairie Spruce Commons. Hope you can join us.

PS. Special thanks to Malin Hansen for her leadership in putting this event together!