Putting Down Roots During a Pandemic

What is helping you stay connected, rooted, and caring during this pandemic?  Our July newsletter included some of the things that are helping us. The following paragraph about Potatoes, Patios, and Plants is excerpted from the newsletter.  We would love to hear what is helping you.

What it takes: The building and yard include a large second floor terrace, a beautiful ground floor patio, a vegetable garden, ground floor spaces for shrubs and trees, and a generous dining room in the common house. The community planted and maintains the trees and shrubs, including ornamentals, apple, saskatoon, cherry, raspberry, and hascap. Knud took the lead in organizing the planting of the vegetable garden. He also waters it. This year we are primarily focusing on root vegetables. Murray takes the lead on watering the trees and shrubs.  Donna and Lois seeded a living fence of sunflowers and corn on the west side, weeding is by Warren, and it is growing by leaps and bounds.  Six mornings a week there is drop-in coffee time, either in the dining room or on the patio. Both spaces allow for physical distancing while visiting and help us stay connected. We also keep connected through technology via Zoom and groups.io. Henning takes the lead on these technologies

What results: Strengthening community, staying current with one another, putting down roots, being nourished in body and spirit by living plants, and contributing to the life force in the wider neighbourhood.