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Cohousing is a Lifestyle

Cohousing provides the perfect combination of privacy and community. It is a creative way for people to have their own private units and shared common space. It is a neighbourhood in a unique green building and healthy environment.

Mission and Vision

Prairie Spruce Commons is a cohousing community committed to building an apartment-style condominium intentionally designed to use resources wisely and to encourage cooperation as well as friendly interaction among residents and neighbours, individuals, and families. This inclusive, safe, and authentic community is one that respects, shares, and cares.

Prairie Spruce Commons is committed to living “lightly on the earth,” and it became our mission to exceed Saskatchewan’s building standards and build a green building.  Prairie Spruce is leading the way to becoming Regina’s most sustainably-built condominium development.  It is our hope that it will be an example for others to learn from and follow.

How It Works

Prairie Spruce Commons Development Inc. contracted Fiorante Homes to build Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing.  Founding members provided the equity to purchase the architectural designs and initiate construction.  Over 80% of the cost of a home in Prairie Spruce is construction and land.  When the development is complete, units are sold and the equity loans paid off.  The Development Corporation is closed, and the legal structure converts to a conventional condominium association.

 Features added to Prairie Spruce for comfortable living include:

    • Natural light infuses all private units and common spaces


    • Vaulted or raised ceilings in many units


    • High-grade energy efficient windows


    • Radiant in-floor heating and cooling


    • R30 and R60 insulation in walls and ceilings


    • Additional soundproofing between units


    • Microwave over the range


    • Washer and dryer hook-ups in units with one bedroom plus den and larger units


    • *Plus*, a shared laundry room


    • Wireless internet access in units and common areas


    • Large shared garden area


    • Video security


    • Juliette balcony doors in second- and third-floor units


    • Generous storage area in basement


    • Underground parking with covered parkade entrance (no snow or ice)


    • Rooftop photovoltaic solar installation ready


    • Large workshop for woodwork, bike repairs, and more


    • Large patio opening adjacent to main floor community dining room


    • Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) to individual units


    • Rooftop terraces on the 2nd and 3rd floors


    • Two guest bedrooms for visitors


  • Elevator access to all floors

After move-in, members will continue to participate in the community’s governance.  Skills being learned and practiced during construction will be a valuable asset for group decision making and achieving consensus.

To Reserve a Unit

A down payment of $12,500 towards the purchase price is required to reserve a unit. 

Some agreements, including “Living in Community Agreements and Guidelines,” have been discussed and agreed to by members. Those purchasing a unit at Prairie Spruce must be in agreement with the guidelines previously decided. See Appendix I.

The following information is provided for the sale of units in accordance with the Condominium Property Act.


Conventional condominium bylaws have been revised to align with Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing needs.

Prairie Spruce has decided to adopt the Condimium Act and Regulations as written with a minimal number of edits required for consensus and our community structure.

The edits and our interpretations are in this Prairie Spruce Condo Bylaws Document.

Condominium Act and Regulations – See Appendix G

Property Management Agreement

Prairie Spruce Commons will be a self-managed condominium.

Recreational Agreement

There is no recreational agreement or proposed recreational agreement.


There is no mortgage that affects, or proposed mortgage that may affect, the title to a unit or proposed unit.

Lease or Transfer of Common Property

There is no lease or transfer or proposed lease or transfer of common property.


There are nineteen indoor and two outdoor parking spaces that will become designated parking stalls to units when the condominium units are registered with Land Titles.

    • Visitor space is allocated for visitors.
  • Each micro penthouse unit will have a designated outside covered parking stall.

Condominium Plan August 12, 2016 – See Appendix B

The following provides information about the units available for sale. Appliances, with the exception of a microwave with a fan over the stove, are not included in the purchase price.

Building Floor Plans – See Appendix C

Feature Sheet with Unit Plans – See Units for Sale

Outline Specifications and Finishes for Units and Common Areas – See Appendix E

Exterior Finishes  – See Appendix F1

Landscape Plan – See Appendix F2


As of this date, there are:

(i) no units occupied by tenants;

(ii) no units designated for occupancy by tenants rather than for sale to owners.

Caretaker’s Suite

A caretaker’s suite is NOT included.

Units Designed for Non-Residential Use

There are NO units designed for non-residential use.

Contributions to the Common Expenses

Contributions to the common expenses will commence within 30 days of the occupancy permit being issued for the building.


No security has been required by the developer under the Condominium Property Act.

Expenses and Maintenance after Move-In Fees – See Appendix H

Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing – Living in Community Agreements and Guidelines – See Appendix I