Our Videos


Badham Boulevard Cleanup

Community members talk about our future home as we clean up the area where our building will be built. This video was created by Strategy Lab Marketing.

Living in Cohousing Means:

This video tries to get at all those intangibles that cohousing provides. It is easy to talk about building features but harder to sum up what the community will provide in benefits. This video was created as a PowerPoint presentation with music from Creative Commons.


This video has been used for information sessions.



These are videos created by others that we have enjoyed.

Sustainable is Possible

This informative TEDx talk from dancing rabbit eco-village answers the question, “Does living sustainably suck?”


Cohousing Explained: “What is a Home?”

This beautiful and cute video was created by Balterra Cohousing on Bowen Island. It provides a very accessible description of what cohousing is.


Creating Our Own Neighborhood – Bellingham Cohousing

This peak moment television show talks about cohousing and what it is all about. A very informative discussiion about the ins and outs of forming a cohousing development.


Pacific Gardens Co-Housing Community

Children and the beautiful outdoors in Nanimo BC.



A brief video which discusses aging in place.

Building Community with Cohousing (2012)

A video about cohousing, with examples from Canadian cohousing communities.



6 rooms into 1: morphing apartment packs 1100 sq ft into 420

Wondering how you can live in a smaller space, take a look at this apartment that makes the most of the space available. Some great ideas for those of us who are downsizing.


NYC “Swiss Army knife” apartment’s walls open, fold & slide

This is another beautiful apartment in very small spaces. I love the sliding wall, the rising table, the bathroom, …