Great Community Gaming Night!

I have an admission to make… I am married to a hardcore gamer.

Am I a Halo widow? Is he living in his own World of Warcraft? Has Assassin’s Creed killed our relationship? Nope. My husband plays Power Grid, Kingsburg, and Through the Ages. He loves to play board games. Not just any game though. Think Monopoly on steroids, drinking Red Bull. Some of his games last 6 to 8 hours – strategy at the highest level.

I, on the other hand, prefer games that last less than one hour and include lots of randomness and socialization. Games like Apples to Apples… games that Henning isn’t such a fan of. So when Henning offered to organize a games night for Prairie Spruce family and friends, I was a bit concerned. I know not everyone enjoys hours and hours of the high strategy game.

Much to my amazement, I had a blast at the games night. Doodle-Dice-400x284Henning invited some of his friends from They brought along some of their favourite games – kinder, gentler, shorter games. Kristy introduced a group of us to Doodle Dice: a simple game where you roll special dice and try to create pictures on cards. It was fast and easy to learn.

Trent, also from, introduced me to Can’t Stop. According to a review on Amazon:

“Can’t Stop has a fun and addictive quality about it, and despite the fact that you’re pushing luck, it’s not pure luck because there’s enough decision making to make it interesting. It’s also quick enough to prevent the luck from being too frustrating. It’s easy to teach and learn, and has attractive components, so it all comes together in a package that makes it the kind of game that is suitable for just about everyone. As far as press-your-luck dice games go, this is a tried and true classic from a master designer, that still has the same appeal today as it did when it was first released 30 years ago, and that matches the best of the press-your-luck dice rolling fillers of the modern era.”

It was so fun that I want to get a copy to use in my classroom when I teach probability!

I never got a chance to play any games with Wendy, the third teacher, but I saw her playing “Hey, That’s My Fish” with Lois, a very interesting game which seemed to feature very cool penguin figurines. Maybe next time.

Why does Henning dislike Apples to Apples? It is the antithesis of his much beloved strategy games. Apples to Apples is random, no it’s better than random. The judge, which changes every turn, picks from a set of cards, supplied by the other players, the one card that matches the descriptive card he played. So the judge might draw a card that reads virtuous. The other players might give him cards that read waterfall, psychics, Mother Theresa, chickens, family reunions or Jackie Chan. The judge might pick the obvious choice Mother Theresa. He might pick psychics because it is the exact opposite of virtuous. Or if I was the judge, I would pick Jackie Chan because I’m a big Jackie Chan fan. While the judge is always right, she is not always logical.

I’m very much looking forward to the next community games night, and games night in general at Prairie Spruce Commons. It is a great way to spend an evening getting to know one another.

You might be asking, “If it was such a great night, where are all the pictures?” OOPS, my fault. I took my camera, but I was too busy playing games and laughing to take any pictures!


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