Garage Sale Success – Community in Action

Yesterday we had our first garage sale for Prairie Spruce. It was a resounding success. We all downsized and had a huge amount of fun doing it.

Garage sale
All sorts of things to see and buy.
Community members at the garage sale
Visiting in the shade

It was a very sunny day, so we set up a canopy, pulled out the awning on the camper and got down to some serious socializing. If you look carefully, Lois is not really visiting, but eyeing the pink and blue skirt she was about to purchase for the princely (princessly?)  sum of 25 cents. (If you know Lois, ask her what she bought at the sale.)

Erik, customer service specialist

Erik, my son, acted as the cashier for most of the day. He made some spectacular deals – usually on purpose.  He has great customer service skills. He was smiling and polite to everyone which is pretty impressive for an 18-year-old who was woken up at 6:30 a.m., by his mom,  to work at a garage sale. At one point, he delivered a large box of sealers to a lady across the street, brought back some money, and then went back across the street to give her the change. Dave and Knud did their share of deliveries too.

Many customers found just what they were looking for. We sold some antlers to a man who was collecting them for a carver who lives in northern Saskatchewan. What an awesome way to upcycle! There was a very happy lady who bought some multicolored Melmac plates. She said that she used to fight with her siblings over who got the red plate. She was planning to take them to a family reunion this summer. She was grinning from ear to ear. I wonder who will get the red plate? My friend’s mom found a tiny shelf that will be perfect for her granddaughter’s Scandinavian doll house.

Cowboy memories

When the customers were not keeping us busy, we entertained ourselves. It was fun seeing what for sale. This, for example, was a box of my brother-in-law’s cowboy and GI Joe toys from the seventies. Someone got some pretty neat toys.

I started laughing when my son asked his grandmother, “So what was this when it was at home?” He was referring to a rather fancy silver plate with a large hole in the middle of it. She really couldn’t explain what it was; I think that is why it ended up on the garage sale

Me, warming up for the big duet with Dave.

At one point Dave and I broke into a resounding rendition of “Ride of the Valkyries” while wearing  Viking helmets, or at least we think that’s what it was. We laughed as we both admitted we were just singing based on what we knew from Bugs Bunny

There was lots of support from community members that were unable to help with the actual sale. The Gagnons showed up at noon with a wonderful lunch for all the workers – sandwiches, cakes, watermelon and cold drinks. Just as we were almost… sort of… maybe… getting peckish in the afternoon, Lil showed up with fresh coffee and banana bread. Ruth delivered a rhubarb cake the day before and JoAnne dropped off a giant watermelon. Amazing cooks are just one of the many benefits of cohousing. We will eat like royalty.

Cohousing is all about community. Everyone helped in whatever way they could. Together, we had a ton of fun doing something that  wouldn’t have been any fun to do alone. We even raised a bit of money. The current plan is that it will go towards a commercial dishwasher in the common kitchen.

The dishwasher will be my inspiration for the next garage sale – do I really need this vase, bowl, book, or would I rather be done supper dishes in 5 minutes.

I think I have to go downsize some more and get ready for the next garage sale.