Conditional Membership Reminder

One of the most commonly heard comments in conversations with our supporters, as well as visitors to the Information Centre goes something like this:

“I love the idea and design of Prairie Spruce Commons, I see it in my future but I am not quite ready to join the community.”

Very often, this type of comment is followed by… “When do you think the construction will begin?”

These two common comments/queries are inseparable. The following statement by community member Joanne Mortensen makes the inevitable connection clear: “Construction will begin as soon as you and four other households commit to a home at Prairie Spruce Commons.”

That’s because we have agreed with our developer, Fiorante Homes and Commercial Limited, that construction will begin when 19 of the 27 beautifully designed, self-contained units in Prairie Spruce Commons are spoken for.

Our current community members (formally Equity Members) have each paid a downpayment equivalent of $35,000, have selected the units of our choice, are enjoying the fruits of community, and are working on promoting Prairie Spruce Commons so that others can join our community too. As current members, we want to do everything we possibly can to welcome our future neighbours into our community and to make your membership decision as easy as possible. We want you to say yes to your future in Prairie Spruce Commons!

To that end, we have come up with a lower financial threshold for joining the community, which also increases your certainty and security in the project moving forward. We call this “Conditional Equity Membership”. You can become a Conditional Equity member by making a downpayment of $5,000. Your full downpayment will not be required until 19 units are spoken for and construction is then scheduled to begin. Conditional Equity membership is a low risk way for you to ensure you have a future in Prairie Spruce Commons and Prairie spruce Commons has a future in Regina.

To learn more about Conditional Equity Membership, don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at (306) 586-1363. To get a better sense of the elegant architectural design and this creative community, consider joining us at our 6th Design Workshop with Pattison MGM Architects on Saturday June 20th. Get in touch and will send you the details.


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