CBC and The Joy of Downsizing

I’m a big fan of CBC radio.

I grew up listening to GX94 Radio in Yorkton. It broadcast both the local weather and Chapel Time. Dad had to hear them. As children, my sister and I learned that one simply did not speak during either the weather or Chapel Time.

I spent many hours listening to  GX94 – country music, crop reports, the weather, and my favorite, Swap Shop, the forerunner of Kijiji. Not that I was particularly fond of any of theses things, but GX94 was the only station my walkman could pick up while I cut grass. (The walkman should give you a hint about how long ago it was.)


My husband eventually saved me from country music, or so he claims. He introduced me to Morningside with Peter Gzowski on a road trip to Calgary. I’ve been hooked ever since.  (That was a while ago too; I miss Peter.)

I was listening to Tapestry with Mary Hynes earlier this year and she had an interview with Marie Kondo the author of two books on decluttering. Marie explains her method this way:

… you touch your old sweater, or book, or teapot, to see whether or not it “sparks joy”. If it does, you keep it. If it doesn’t, you thank it for its life of service to you… and then you let it go.

This has been my guiding principle as I get ready for moving into cohousing. It is working very well for me.  It has helped me determine what is really important and what I no longer need.

Here is the interview with Marie. It’s worth a listen.

Oh, by the way, Prairie Spruce is having their first garage sale this weekend. Check our facebook page for details.