We’re Looking For the Broom

We’re looking for the broom.”

Tom and Laurie

Tom lives in a funky micro-penthouse under the eaves on the third floor and Laurie and Jim, Tom’s parents, live in the south east corner of the second floor. This is the morning after our first-ever Prairie Spruce Commons Christmas Party.  The first-floor hallway is humming with chat and work.

Jean is on her way to the Common House to unload the dishwasher.  Ruth is carrying a beautiful fresh Balsam Fir into her own house and walking down the hall with her boots still on … (a definite no-no, but she swears they are clean).  Tom and Laurie are in search of a broom so they can clean-up around the tree.

I don’t think we have a broom on the first floor.  We have many mops, two vacuum cleaners, and a Hoover floor-washer, but no broom.” “Ok then, I’m going back upstairs to get ours.”

Lill decorating the tree

Many of us have moved into our beautiful home(s) within the last 6 to 8 weeks.  More and more spaces of order and beauty are emerging. Some areas still need work. That’s how it goes.  It felt good to put aside the unpacking, sorting, and organizing and have a good meal together with no agenda, or decisions and time to just be together and celebrate our first ever Prairie Spruce Commons Christmas dinner.

By the way … if you’re looking for a broom … there’s one on the second floor.