Bike Sharing at Cohousing Community

It is a gorgeous spring day (soon) and you feel like taking a bike ride around the lake. There is a sweet breeze stirring the blossoms on the flowering crab trees and the tulips are waving their colourful heads in a dance of joy. But wait, you remember you don’t own a bike! What to do, what to do?

Ah, but you are a member of Prairie Spruce Commons and the solution is right outside your door: the bike-share.  A collection of bikes (including a two-seater) have been donated by members of Prairie Spruce Commons who are infrequent riders. These bikes are shared with the whole community.

You unlock a bike, swing your leg over and push hard hoping to remember how to do this. Soon you are wheeling your way around the lake, your calf muscles remembering how to both push and release. The willow trees are waving to you, so are the friends from Prairie Spruce Commons who are regulars, spinning past on their own personal bikes. This is not a dream. Well perhaps the part about the flowering crab trees, the tulips, and the waving willows is a dream on this day, but soon and very soon they will all emerge.

At Prairie Spruce we have committed to having space for a ‘bike-share’ as well as space for our personal bikes (for those who are regular riders). We are committing to diversity, to community, and to a lighter footprint.