Construction Partners and Memberships

Prairie Spruce Commons is Regina’s first multi-generational cohousing community. We are committed to creating a beautiful, sustainable, apartment-style green building, with abundant common spaces. The building is intentionally designed to use resources wisely and to encourage cooperation as well as friendly interaction among residents and neighbours, individuals and families.

This multi-generational community is committed to inclusiveness, caring, and sharing, while respecting privacy.

Construction Partners and Memberships

Our Professional Partners

Connexus Cohousing Collaborative. Community organization and Project Management – Jasen Robillard and Chris ScottHanson

Pattison MGM Architectural Services Ltd. Local firm has designed many Regina landmarks and brings unique cohousing skills.

Beetle Green Consulting & Education. Community development and “green” buildings

Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd. experienced and respected Regina home builder

Associate Memberships

Associate Members are exploring the possibility of becoming equity members and living in and being a participant in the life and growth of Prairie Spruce Commons.  A community member “buddy” will be available to answer questions.  Associate members pay a $100.00 membership fee which allows active participation in design and community discussions.

Equity Memberships

Equity Members intend to live in Prairie Spruce Commons when it is built. Equity membership is 10% of the unit price and  is credited to the purchase price of their unit.

Being conscious of wanting to have a smaller ecological footprint I was instantly attracted to Prairie Spruce Commons when I heard their plans to build a cohousing complex to include sustainable features in the construction and operation of their project.  With emphasis on smaller individual space and shared common spaces and amenities, I was enthusiastic to find out more. …Suzanne