Before Moving In

Prairie Spruce Commons will be built with the support of committed homebuyers.

There are two memberships available in Prairie Spruce Commons. An Associate Membership is purchased initially to learn about cohousing and to become familiar with the other members of the community.

After becoming familiar with cohousing and determining they wish to live in Prairie Spruce Commons an Associate member will then purchase their Equity membership. The Equity membership has personal and financial obligations that are listed below.

ASSOCIATE Membership ($100)

  • Become more acquainted with the concept of cohousing
  • Develop understanding of the PSC Corporation and management, including roles of project managers, roles of professionals hired by the corporation (and who they are), roles of Equity members (the Directors of Corporation); roles of PSC committees and what they do
  • Learn and practice consensus decision-making

Do this by:

  • Learning about cohousing on the web, or books from the library
  • Attending PSC General Meetings, currently 2x a month
  • Joining one of the PSC committees

EQUITY Membership (10% of unit price)

  • Attend PSC General Meetings
  • Continue committee work

Equity Member Responsibilities

  • Attend PSC General meetings
  • Attend committee and ad hoc community meetings
  • Upon move in,  participate in work to maintain PSC – administratively and/or operationally (including cleaning of hallways & bathrooms), approximately 6 hrs/ month, based on info from other cohousing locations
  • PSC Community may decide to hire outside resources to do some of this work
  • PSC community members will manage PSC
  • Social participation is an integral part of cohousing