The cohousing lifestyle strives to create a village of all ages where neighbours know and support each other. The type of village that really does raise children and where people spontaneously socialize and eat together! Because residents design the community themselves to meet their own values and needs, they naturally develop a deeper sense of place & belonging with their homes, as well as a deeper connection to each other well before the physical community is even built. That is the natural benefit of the community design.

Prairie Spruce Summer BBQ
Summer BBQ

How do you know if the cohousing lifestyle is for you?

  • You desire a more meaningful connection with your neighbours
  • You enjoy sharing and working with others
  • You want to live lightly on the earth
  • You want to live abundantly through sharing stuff and skills
  • You want to age in place
  • You want to raise your kids in an vibrant community
  • You want to live among people from all walks of life
  • You celebrate the diversity of people and cultures in your city

The cohousing lifestyle strikes the perfect balance between privacy and community: community can be found at a moment’s notice in the generous common amenities designed with the input from residents; privacy can be achieved within your well-appointed, efficiently designed private home.