Information Centre to Open Soon!

December 19, 2014 was another big step forward in bringing our cohousing project to Regina. Before dawn that day, the portable office we will use for our information centre arrived at the site! In about an hour the crew had the portable office unloaded and leveled.Prairie-Spruce-Information-Center-2014-12-19-e1420838338444-400x284

A couple of days after the arrival of the office, several members of our community met at the info centre to drop off furniture with which to warmly furnish the information centre. It was soon arranged to be a welcoming place to come have a tea and chat about the project when we open.

We have been patiently waiting for the power to be hooked up to the information centre so that we can have heat and light for our visitors. We expect this to happen in the next few days. As soon as power is provided, the information centre will be opening on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You can also request a special appointment by phoning (306)586-1363.

In the meantime and as caring members of the neighbourhood, we have been keeping the sidewalk clear of snow for the entire block in front of the information centre on Badham Boulevard. This will allow our future neighbours in the area to be able to walk on the sidewalk and enjoy the wonderful amenities in the neighbourhood easily and without fear of falling.

We’ll be sure to update our webpage as soon as we officially open. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!


Walking the Neighbourhood – Wascana Park

Wascana Lake Close by Prairie Spruce Cohousing
Photo courtesy of Blake Handley on Flickr

When I was walking around Wascana Lake this morning, it occurred to me that we do not have to go far for truly beautiful scenery.  The lake was a glistening blue, and the ducks and geese were enjoying a lazy swim.   On the north side of the lake, the folks who were sitting on the benches had a peaceful view of blue sky and water framed by green trees.  Around on the south side, in front of the Legislative Buildings, the flower beds were at their best.

No need to drive miles for spectacular landscape when it is just a short walk from Badham Boulevard, summer or winter!


Walking the Neighbourhood – The Naked Bean

Sunday was a sultry humid summer day in Regina. We decided to stroll down Badham Boulevard from the future site of Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing to the Naked Bean Espresso Bar and Café. Our choice was iced tea sodas (berryberry and green tea), but there was also a brisk business in ice cream cones and floats today.

What a friendly, relaxing place to have your favourite tea or coffee, whether you are meeting friends or having quiet time on your own. Aren’t we lucky to have the Naked Bean in the Prairie Spruce neighbourhood!?